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Scientific and technological epidemic prevention | Products assist in epidemic prevention and disinfection robots

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Affected by the continued epidemic, the epidemic prevention and disinfection robot industry has been heated up, and CNLINKO's products are vying to be adopted by disi

Affected by the continued epidemic, the epidemic prevention and disinfection robot industry has been heated up, and CNLINKO's products are vying to be adopted by disinfection robot manufacturers. Serving the epidemic prevention and disinfection robot industry with highly compatible solutions and high-quality products is not only the general direction of CNLINKO's industrial layout, but also a part of CNLINKO's contribution to the cause of epidemic prevention.

Epidemic prevention robot connector usage scenario diagram

1. The epidemic heats up the epidemic prevention and disinfection robot industry

The COVID-19 pandemic continues, so vigilance cannot be let go. Looking at the world, the epidemic is still very vigorous, and India's unbearable epidemic situation illustrates this point.

In the face of the ongoing epidemic, in addition to doing a good job of "three-piece epidemic prevention", it is also important to regularly disinfect your surrounding environment. Of course, this is not limited to individuals, companies, commercial squares and other places where people gather. The key area to kill.


I believe that many people should have seen an intelligent anti-epidemic disinfection robot in public places. This type of robot can disinfect autonomously, and personnel do not need to enter the disinfection area. It is safer for personnel, especially for disinfection in high-risk environments, without worrying about the risk of personnel infection. Therefore, anti-epidemic disinfection robots are widely used in medical institutions, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, hotels, schools, factories and other places.

2. How does the epidemic prevention and disinfection robot work?

Epidemic prevention and disinfection robot is a kind of intelligent robot equipment. Intelligent robot equipment must have at least three elements: one is the sensory element, which is used to recognize the state of the surrounding environment; the second is the motion element, which makes reactive actions to the outside world; the third is the thinking element, which is based on the information obtained from the sensory element. What kind of action is used.


The operator sets the disinfection area and disinfection task on the remote controller or mobile phone APP. The robot performs the disinfection task, senses the surrounding environment through the sensor, drives the mobile device to travel and avoids obstacles, and sprays the disinfection spray at the same time. Once the disinfectant is insufficient or the power is insufficient , Automatically return to the designated position, add liquid or charge for it, until the task set by the operator is completed.

3. The technical advantages of CNLINKO products to meet the demands of disinfection robots

Domestic manufacturers of anti-epidemic disinfection robots have found CNLINKO for connection solutions and product support. CNLINKO's LP24 series products have successfully met the technical requirements of users for power connectors and data connectors. The power connector is used to charge the robot when it returns to the designated position when the battery is insufficient; the data connector is used to retrieve various data such as environmental data and operating status collected by the robot during the on-site killing process, and to adjust the internal adjustment of the machine.


The reason why CNLINKO's waterproof connector can enter the supplier database of epidemic prevention and disinfection robot manufacturers is that it has the following advantages:

Product advantages

1. Powerful anti-vibration function: When the anti-epidemic disinfection robot is working, it will be in vibration or turbulence due to movement and ground conditions of the site. The shock-proof requirements for the connector socket are high, and there is no looseness or poor contact;

2. Strong corrosion resistance: PBT corrosion-resistant material, integrated structure design, can effectively resist the corrosion in the killing environment;

3. Quick insertion and removal and installation capabilities: One-button spring snap design, quick insertion and removal, and one-handed operation, which can meet the convenience and reliability of users' high-frequency use;

4. Reliable data transmission performance: to ensure that the collected environmental data, operating status and other data can be exported quickly and stably;

5. Powerful power connection performance: gold-plated needle core + high-quality wire, which can meet the large current transmission during the robot charging process, effectively withstand temperature rise changes, and is safer and more reliable.

The above advantages are important conditions for CNLINKO products to become a supplier of connectors for epidemic prevention and disinfection robots.

Fourth, research and development first, continue to force the robot industry

Epidemic prevention and disinfection robots, as a category of intelligent robots that have grown rapidly during the epidemic, have played a very good role in serving the epidemic prevention and elimination. It can be predicted that, whether it is during the epidemic period or in the post-epidemic era, with the construction and strengthening of disinfection and hygiene awareness, disinfection robots will have a lot of market space in the future.

Robot connector


The robotics field has always been CNLINKO’s strategic development direction. CNLINKO has been cooperating with related robot industry partners for a long time to increase the research and development of high-fit, high-performance industrial connector products for the robotics field, and continue to serve and support the domestic robotics industry. powerful.