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Company profile

Shenzhen Connectorworld Technologies Co.Ltd. focuses on marketing and customized services of waterproof connectors. Our Company supplies round waterproof connectors (plugs for aviation), air-tight connectors, heavy-duty connectors, and industrial waterproof plugs and sockets, distribution boxes, harnesses in conformity with CEE/lEC60309. Our products are mainly used for LED display screen, stage lighting, new energy equipment, security equipment, industrial automation equipment, communication equipment, audiovisual equipment, LED lighting, medical treatment, aviation, automobile, rail transport, ship, photovoltaic, wind energy and etc. Our company have accumulated rich practice experience in these fields. Our Company cooperate with CNLINKO, WEIPU, E-Weichat and other brands in the industry, which products have passed multiple authentications at home and abroad, and meet environmental protection and quality requirements of domestic and overseas markets.

The Company always upholds the management philosophy of customs above all, cooperation and common growth. We provide the best services and desirable products based on customer’s demand. Our excellent management team and technicians will give customers the fastest response!

Connectorworld expects to share good future with you!





  • Integrity
    The Company is core values:  Quality Connects the World, Integrity Leads to the Future. 

    The integrity is an essential condition for the sustainable development of the enterprise. "Be faithful inside and to others". Connector World has been adhering to the principle of "keeping a promise and valuing continuity". We insists on customer first, aim at development and cooperate with customers for win-win.

  • Quality                                
    The Company is core values:  Quality Connects the World, Integrity Leads to the Future. 

    Quality is the additional value of long-term development of the enterprise. The high-quality staff, state-of-the-art production equipment, standard production process, superb raw material, strict product inspection and professional customer service ensure providing the first-class products and bringing tangible benefits to our customers.



  • Leading technology and lean management

    Connector World masters the core connection technology in terms of industrial connector, has a professional R&D team, carries out work for customers’ demand, continuously improves customer satisfaction and loyalty and serves our customers and partners by reliable, innovative and high-quality products and services.

  • We have a professional scheme provision team

    Our technological innovations constantly extend based on passion and our product quality is more guaranteed by high standard. Connector World has established a professional scheme provision team, and making your ideas a reality, guaranteeing the quality of each product and enabling your products to have more additional values is our permanent mission.

  • Modern production equipment match our processes

    Connector World has perfect modern production equipment and production lines, and the high-quality team and perfect production processes ensure our product quality and delivery time. Connector World quickly achieves solutions and products by an excellent design team, rigorous process standards and product inspection.