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Aviation Connector…
Circular connectors include power connectors, signal connectors, data connectors, etc. Shenzhen Connectorworld Technologies Co.Ltd is a supplier specializing in the production, customization, and sales of aviation plugs.
Industrial Connector IEC…
Weipu TYP high power plug and industrial connector can pass the current 16A-32A. Connector World, a professional connector supplier, can customize aviation plugs and sockets for customers.
Industrial Connector IEC60309 standard
HeavyDuty Connector…
The overloading connector’s protection grade can reach to IP67. Shenzhen Connector World Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focusing on production and customization of aviation plugs, sockets and connectors
Distribution box series…
Shenzhen Connector World Technology Co., Ltd. provides two supply methods for customers to select distribution boxes (customization and direct sales)
Distribution box series
Hermetic Connector…
The air-tight connectors arewidely used for various industries.
Harness & connector & te…
Customized manufacturer of harness, connector, terminal, distribution box
Harness & connector & terminal&distribution box customization

About Us

    Shenzhen Connectorworld Technologies Co.Ltd. focuses on marketing and customized services of waterproof connectors. Our Company supplies round waterproof connectors (plugs for aviation), air-tight connectors, heavy-duty connectors, and industrial waterproof plugs and sockets, distribution boxes, harnesses in conformity with CEE/lEC60309. Our products are mainly used for LED display screen, stage lighting, new energy equipment, security equipment, industrial automation equipment, communication equipment, audiovisual equipment, LED lighting, medical treatment, aviation, automobile, rail transport, ship, photovoltaic, wind energy and etc. Our company have accumulated rich practice experience in these fields. Our Company cooperate with CNLINKO, WEIPU, E-Weichat and other brands in the in…
  • Perfect processes

    We provide high-quality products and services, and maintaining and improving the leading position of the Company’s products and services is our fundamental responsibility.
  • Quality assurance

    We strictly control quality and ensure our products high-quality by systematic inspection tools.
  • Selection of high-quality materials

    We refuse any supplier supplying low-quality materials and would rather reduce profit than lower quality
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